Energ Power

The company aims to position itself in the energy market at European level as a trader and wholesaler.

In corporate business model, energy management and energy trading activities play a central role, not forgetting sales and procurement activities.

The consulting approach and the attention to the after-sales service complete the commercial offer.

Our Values

  • Legal
    Energ Power has as its basic principle the strict observance of the laws and regulations of each country where it operates.

  • Dignity and equal opportunitit
    Energ Power recognizes and guarantees respect for the dignity, privacy and rights of every individual, firmly condemning any form of discrimination or harassment.

  • Integrity and Professionalism
    In all of its activities, Energ Power operates in a correct and transparent manner, putting in place every effort to guarantee a professional and equal work environment.

  • Loyalty and Transparency
    In compliance with the national and international anti-trust laws applicable in the markets in which Energ Power operates.


"Sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs" (1987 - Our Common Future)

Respect for the environment is an integral part of our code of ethics, with this in mind the adoption of the best technologies that allow high energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact is a primary priority.

Energy Efficiency
To ensure that development is sustainable it is necessary to use, produce and distribute energy efficiently. A credible and successful emerging policy is only possible with the support of energy efficiency and therefore with a responsible use of it.

Electric Power

  • Energ Power plays an active role in the main European wholesale electricity markets. With many years of experience in Italian, German, French and Swiss markets, we are now entering other mature continental markets as well as in some Eastern European markets.

  • We exchange financial and physical contracts, offering our customers customized solutions to meet their individual needs. Our in-depth knowledge of the different market mechanisms and our strong expertise in analyzing price relationships are the cornerstones of our team's skills and the key to our business success.

Natural Gas

  • By joining a team with international gas trading experience, Energ Power is a natural gas distributor active in Europe. We deliver natural gas to our customers all over Europe using our pipeline transportation and storage network and exchange at major cross-border centers and points.

  • With the base a well-recognized group with a strong financial background, Energ Power works with municipalities, dealers, wholesalers and industrialists. We offer flexible solutions and structured products to our customers.